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Looking for a Dutch copywriter in Katwijk?
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My name is Marco, a freelance Dutch copywriter, living on the border of Katwijk. Right on the dividing line of flowers and beaches. My English is pretty fluent, but I am a native Dutch speaker.

Dutch copy In Katwijk

My focus is on creating copy for business owners in the Katwijk area. Since the founding of my company Beentjes Teksten in 2002, I have worked on assignment for an impressive range of brands, advertising agencies, publishers and communication agencies in the region and the rest of Holland. I don’t like name dropping: I think anyone is only as good as his next assignment. But I guess you can call me senior.

Copywriting teamwork in Katwijk

As a copywriter, I feel in place when action is needed. Right after the marketeers have a promising idea, I am the worker bee that jumps into action and understands what needs to be done. Someone who translates the concept into professional, well designed copy. Stand alone or in good team work with online specialists, other copywriters, designers photographers or printers. I love working in a team, both coordinating and writing. At my best when the deadline is approaching on the horizon.

Rate for Dutch copywriter in Katwijk

You can hire my copywriting skills by the hour or on project basis. My invoice will note a copywriting rate of 75 euros per hour excluding 21% VAT for 2023. Travelling and parking costs will be charged additionally.

If you need a copywriter in Katwijk with a genuine Dutch touch, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to meeting you! | +31 (0)650536767